-FREE- Kitten looking for new house
-OPTION- Someone reflect this kitten but didn't make choice yet
-INACCESSIBLE-  Kitten already found a new house
We expect kittens from:
about 20.02.2015 







Our kittens...



...leave for their new homes vaccinated, dewormed and checked by a veterinarian, not earlier than in 14th week of their life. They are taught to be clean, are used to other pets and which is most important, they are raised in love, in constant contact with a family and they fully trust humans. We take all reasonable steps to provide them with best possible start in the new life.
The kittens get: 

  • FIFe bloodline certificate
  • Health and I.D. records
  • contract
  • kitten pack

We provide the new owners with all advice concerning the care, raising and nutrition of cats. 

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